/Stories Of 300 Villages In 300 Sketches

Stories Of 300 Villages In 300 Sketches


I have started a project of capturing lives of everyday people of rural India and giving it a life by sketching the captured frame.

I will travel 300 different villages of India to capture 300 such stories and translate it into sketches in the next 18 months.

What am I aiming to do?
I am looking forward to capturing different aspects of rural life like different factors of deprivation, sources of livelihood, education, rural craft, tradition, inequality, poverty and culture.
After sketching, I will compile all of these in the form of a book.
Why do I want to do this project?
With this journey, I wish to create impact in three ways:
1. Creating a living journal of everyday people which can be used by researchers and students: For the people who want to understand rural India and its diversity, I will be capturing everyday stories of people via sketches and articles which can be used by journalism, economics students or anyone who further wants to understand the complexities of poverty and challenges on ground.
2. Tool for inspiration: In the last 6 months of my travel journey, I have seen overlapping problems across villages and communities, but few villages are implementing edge cutting local solutions to tackle the problems while others are waiting for external support for change. I want the book to be also published in regional languages so that people can get inspired and take the ownership of their own villages. Learning from different villages will ensure the beginning of a collective movement to change and transformation.
3. Acknowledging the hard work of villagers and rural Innovation: Many rural innovations go unnoticed and never get the deserving credit or platform to scale their innovation. This will be the third pillar of my stories and sketches. Amplifying voices and creating a platform for their talent will be the first step towards acknowledging their work and spreading positive stories to a wider audience.
Find some of my sketches here
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