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About Us

About 70 percent of India’s population lives in rural India and mainstream media covers only a fragment of their lives. Most of the times, rural India is only covered for distress events. What we fail to realize is that rural India is much more than crisis. There’s incredible amount of undocumented art forms, inspiration and stories of courage and conviction too! Basityon Ka Paigam is on a mission to cover countryside as a process rather than events. We work on ground, stay with local people, and try and give them platform to voice their thoughts and opinions.

We attempt to bring context to the stories of local people by integrating different art forms.

Currently, we are working on two projects. We are interviewing hundred poor farmers from Western Maharashtra to explain agrarian crisis from a sociological perspective. You can find all the interviews here.

Also, we are travelling 300 villages of India to capture lives of everyday people and give it a life by sketching the captured frame. Check few of our sketches here.