//The last generation of ‘traditional’ stone workers

The last generation of ‘traditional’ stone workers

In the series of 300 sketches, the next sketch comes from Devekewadi village (Tehsil: Bhudargard, District: Kolhapur) which depicts the last generation of ‘traditional’ stone workers.

July 15, 2017 | Sanket Jain

The Wadars are traditional stoneworkers with an expertise in stone cutting, monument repairing, and stone engraving. In the late 1990s there were more than 50 stoneworkers (ones dealing with huge stones only in Gargoti), but now only 15 of them are into this occupation. The Wadars of Gargoti talk about their plight and heart-wrenching stories. Read the complete story here.

The author is visiting 300 different villages of India to capture 300 such stories and translate the captured frame into sketches. You can support the campaign here.