//The Hidden Charm Of A Rustic Village

The Hidden Charm Of A Rustic Village

13 km away from Gargoti village in Bhudargad tehsil of Kolhapur, lies an unexplored picturesque village Phaye. Bastiyon Ka Paigam explored Joshiwadi basti of Phaye and documented the journey in the form of photos.

July 11, 2017 | Sanket Jain

The unblemished alleys of traditional Phaye village pass off unnoticed as you head towards Gargoti. Phaye retains a rustic charm not because of the architecture, but because of its closeness to nature!  According to Census 2011, the population of Phaye is 1157. Phaye is an integration of several Bastis. Some of the Bastis are Begarwada, Dhangarwada, Joshiwadi and a Gaothan. Bastiyon Ka Paigam explored the Joshiwada Basti.

The entry to Joshiwadi Basti of Faye village
The village has dense bamboo forests

During heavy rains villagers use a local rain gear called Hirla
Since Faye is in the rain belt, the villagers are preparing to equip gutters with the required accessories
A house in its repairing stage
A beautiful home in Faye village which retains the traditional design
Joshiwadi has a lot of huts and many houses are kuccha (temporary)
Gyansagar Anganwadi in the village. There is a Zilla Parishad school till grade VII in Joshiwadi

Huts are also used to store wood for the rainy season
There are many local biogas plants for sustainable energy use
Wood is being stored before the onset of rains
A toilet constructed under the Swachh Bharat Mission-Gramin
Raw bananas freshly picked from the field
Many villagers have grown tomatoes for family consumption in the minimum amount of space
Many villagers have migrated to Mumbai, Pune for work because of which the burden of agriculture fell upon children
An old woman on her way to gather some wood
Few people also undertake Poultry along with agriculture
Since it’s a rain fed belt, the forests are usually dense

Photos: Sanket Jain