//Need Of Water Management In Agriculture

Need Of Water Management In Agriculture

There has been a constant demand for the implementation of Swaminathan Commission Report whose execution is pending for almost a decade now.

June 10, 2017 | Sanket Jain

On improving the water management, this is what the report says, “Women must have a significant role in both access and management, as water users and managers. Irrigation water at the right time and in adequate quantities is now becoming a serious constraint in achieving both higher productivity and stability of farming in many parts of the country…Though the total rainfall in our country is satisfactory, its distribution is highly skewed, with most of the rainfall occurring in 100 hours in a year. It is also important to note that the majority of farmers depend on groundwater for irrigating their crops. This resource, in which farmers have invested their hard-earned savings, is today increasingly depleted with groundwater tables declining. Therefore rainwater harvesting and aquifer recharge have become essential for ensuring the stability of supply. A nationally debated and accepted strategy for bringing 10 million hectares of new area under irrigation under the Bharat Nirman programme should be developed. The concept of maximizing yield and income per unit of water should become internalized in all crop production programmes.”